What is your style?

Lately, I’ve been into discussion with a friend about my blog. He recommended a blog to me to read the week before. The blog is written by Singaporean girl which is mainly describing her daily activities. Her language is light and simple; some of the story are funny and some are quite provoking but it describes her personality; the bottom line is the blog is fun to follow.

On the other hand, he told me that in general, my blog is a little bit to follow because I used some difficult terms inside my post. He needs to look up on certain words so that he can understand what I’m trying to say. Later on that day, his opinion re-surfaced into my mind. Well, I have a habit to think on several things at once, especially when I was nervous (related to my last post).

Later on, we discussed about others blogs too, that this person has this style and that person with that style. He asked me, what is my style then?

I told him that it’s a good question. I read my earlier blog in this site later on. I found that most of them were written when I was sad or disappointed about something but I couldn’t express my thought when the event happened. Thus, I wrote my thought up.

The next style I adopt was a short and quick post, almost about anything that revolves around me. Like books I read, movies I watched, or my thoughts on special events around that time.

But, that style didn’t last long. I move pretty quickly to blogger style late last year. This year I have some resolutions, one is to be better blogger and I wish to inspire more people through my blog. Why I like to inspire others through my blog? Simply because I was encouraged, inspired, motivated and grew from people’s blog – close friends or random blogs I found through social network.

Side stories on this. Early this year, I was so excited to drive more traffic to my blog. Another thing is to write good quality article, not just about my daily activities or protest or anger. I made plan which a bit hard to follow so in the end, I found that blogging is not as fun as it used to be. I feel stressed to find topic; people call it writer-block. I tend to write half way, then feel that my writing was no good and start to find new topic to work with. It has been like that for the whole month.

When I was on my leave, a long break from work at my hometown, I didn’t blog at all and I found it’s liberating. My day to day activities was catching up with old friends, to chat or to going out together. During this relax time, I suddenly remember good statement from a book I read in the past (I hope I can remember what book is that, or maybe someone come across can remind me about it?).

When the motivation on doing something was not right anymore, you will find it hard to do it.

Maybe the quote was buried into my subconscious therefore it works on me automatically? Or is it hard because it was the first time for me to do it as people like to say, the hardest part is to make the first step. Well, both can be right, maybe.

Not long after that discussion, another friend post about blogging. So, I asked myself again. Do I really blog because I want to share the good things or for fame? What are my definitions of good blogger? Which one is more important to me, articles quality posts or articles quantity? Do I plan realistically or I just want to get to my destination as fast as  I could?

I haven’t found the answer for all of the questions above.

But one thing I already know, that I like to write. Whether it will inspire people later or get a big traffic from the Internet are the bonuses. Some of my friends liked what I write, some of them cared by giving their critics or discussed about the topic. That’s good enough for me.

To conclude, if I made analogy that the blog is myself in different form, then why should I afraid to be myself. Regardless how I write or how many posts or how many people like/hate it, I just want to be myself in different form – as well as to stay connected to my friend. I remembered the very first reason I like to blog, to motivate and inspire people from trivial things. 🙂