Blogger apprentice

On one afternoon, my friend sent me a personal message through messenger. He noticed that I update my blog on daily basis recently. He compliment me for being able to write regularly and told me that he is struggling with finding ideas for his personal blog.

This friend actually has another blog, about JavaScript programming. I read his occasionally and I find it was well written. He provides examples and detail instructions, as well as theory behind it and tips for practical programming.

So, I have idea, to share my experience on writing a blog

Finding ideas

I believe almost everyone who tries blogging for the first time find that what to write after certain number of posts. So did I. First of course it depends on what your blog is about. For me, I like to write about personal development blog. It was hard in the beginning, I just can’t elaborate my day to day experience to something that may be useful for my reader, or to myself since I used to write blog to remind me about my journey.

I had those hard times, finding topic, in the past and is lesser nowadays. The challenge is shifted how consistent I am in posting the blog and able to communicate my thoughts well.

Typing the words out

When I read my first blog then I read my recent blog, I was surprised that the way I wrote has changed gradually. My post was much shorter than recent ones.

I read more too, books, others blog or news than I used to. Thus, my vocabulary grows. Maybe I still have some grammatical mistakes here and there, which I hope I can improve on that in the future.

Practice makes perfect

Another point is, I can’t make the post flows smoothly. I tend to jump from one point to another, left the earlier point halfway described/explained, and forgotten to revise it.

I like when some of my friends who read it are kind enough to critize me about my post. But mostly, they will tell me in person though that I wish them to put the comment on the blog so that can be useful for others too.

So I just write it out and re-read it before I post it, although sometimes I missed out some mistakes. I’m just want to have a good time sharing my thoughts 🙂

To conclude, I wish that my friend can just write and less worry about it, and I’m looking forward to read his.