10 dreams to achieve in 2010

Early this year when people were busy composing their new year resolution, I was still enjoying my new year doing nothing. It paid off, after a clean break I felt my head clearer and fresher to start a new. I have few pending task for my personal project which is my blog and my website. I made a plan to finish them but I haven’t had any idea at that time, what do I look in this year 2010.


Thinking about it for few weeks, now I know what I want. And, having another new year celebration gives me a second chance for it.

1. To be more professional in my work

2. To be more understanding to my friends, families and people around me

3. To be a better blogger which consistently blog, importantly, I’m going to achieve at least 75 posts for this year.

4. To improve my skills as web designer, keep aware about new technology and continuously learn to improve my skills

5. To be more responsible about my life and my work

6. To be more realistic on planning things or building my dreams

7. To discover more about myself, to accept me whoever I am, accept what are my likes and dislikes.

8. To be calmer, because panic will not solve the problem, and tackle problems one by one

9. To be consistent to achieve my goal, surely there will be ups and downs, but I will not waver

10. To be more confidence about myself

I notice that besides number 3, all of things I like to achieve are intangible dreams, so it may be more difficult to measure. This what a blog will help. Therefore, I’m looking forward to reach it!