10 things to lift your mood up

We surely have our ups and downs. We feel that we can conquer the world when we’re in a good mood. But, when we’re out of it, we felt that how unfair the world to us, we become grumpy, we do nasty things, we fight with other, or you just name it. So, I’d like to share some which works fo me when I had my downs:

Bad Mood

1. Sleep

Most of the time, I read from an article that lack of sleep make people grumpy. When they are grumpy, they just see the fouls, the ugly, or the nasty things; they can’t see the other side of it, the beauty, the good, or the life time experience. When I was grumpy, I tend to see faults on almost anything; and I can’t do my work properly. So, I’ll take a rest, enough to regain my stamina, then I’ll continue the things I left before, with fresher minds and full stamina, so I can do it faster and more efficient.

2. Listen to music (and sing a long)

I like to listen to pop songs or instrumental musics; sometimes I sing the whole song too. It’s relieving.

3. Tell someone about my thought

Find your buddy to lend their ears and heart.

4. Exercise

Do any sports that you like, even if that means you shoot a basket ball ring alone. Having a way to release your energy can make you fresher somehow. If you’re not a sport person, do a short walk, 30 mins will do. Walk around your neighborhood and look around you, the scene, the sky, the people.

5. Watch Movie

This is an alternative for you who don’t like to do sport. I like to watch drama movie because it inspires me in the end, most of the time. Well, choosing a good movie is another thing. Or, I watch comedy since it can make me laugh, and sometimes they deliver a good message too. Anyway, you can choose your genre.

6. Listen to my thought and write it down

When no one around to share your burden, I like to write. It’s like playing puzzle. I write one after the other, re-arrange them, and most of the times the solution will appear after I put them in order.

7. Pay attention to my surroundings

Paying attention to my house, to my friends, to people I work with, to things that I have. By shifting the focus from yourself to others, you will feel better and forget about your down.

8. Play games

9. Re-read my notes

Reading what I wrote, make me realize how far I walked from the past. You may be amazed with your own progress and that will encourage you to become better than what you are right now

10. Stop denying on being moody and enjoy my down time

Lastly, I will not do anything. Feeling blue is part of our life. I take it that I’m having a break. I just enjoy it, and not resist it.

To conclude, how do you tackle yours? I’d like to know too 🙂