On one step closer to our dream

Below is the dialogue excerpt between Ria Torres and Dr. Cal Lightman from one of the “Lie to Me” episodes I watched,

Lightman (L): Look, what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Torres (T): I am grown-up.
(L): Terrific. what are you?
(T): I’m–i’m a–
(L): You’re on your way to becoming one of the world’s leading experts in deception. But up here, you’re still a baggage screener at the airport. Till you change that, you’ll always think you’re not ready.

How often we’ve been in similar situation like Torres?

And, before I move on to my thought about this, I’d like to describe a little bit more about her character just in case you don’t know about the show, but if you are following the show then you can skip this part and read on my thought about this situation, maybe let me know about your opinion too afterwards?

Note: I know this could be only a show for some people, but I believe that good show can point something or relate something to our life as I do find so from this show.

Ria Torres is a young talented woman who worked as baggage screener in the airport until she was hired by Dr Cal Lightman to be one of his team member. She has natural talent for spotting lies which she get it from her hard environment when she grown up. Lightman was totally the opposite, he was recognized as deception experts through his hard work. Well, you can find those description too from many websites that related to this movie.

Some of the point that I like to highlight is, Lightman treats Torres more that a team member. He is a mentor to her. But, mentor-student relation between them is not ordinary, they argue each other, challenge each other, and sometimes fight each other too, but they respect each other. This kind of relationship is rare in the place I come from and I grew up. But, I’m not going to elaborate on this subject.

Let’s get back to our dialogue excerpt above. Those dialogue were happened when Torres questioned Lightman over his decision why he sent her to meet one of the client whom was much older than Torres and doubt her ability to perform her task. Don’t we have similar experience like this in our life?

We tend to think that we are not ready for something, to think that we are still junior, and we are amateur in what we’re doing. When I was thinking about those moments and starting to count it, I lost my count. I was, in many situations, thinking that I’m not ready. I always worried that I can’t perform like I was expected.

In fact we usually quite surprised, amazed by ourself, when we can finish it, complete it. The reason is, we tend to doubt ourself. Well, unless you are the type of person that work better when you are underestimated then maybe you can doubt yourself more often. 🙂

Following the dialogue above,

(T): So for me, baggage screener was a big step up.

(L): Well, keep steppin’, then.

To conclude, I believe that we all have our own “mind prison” which blocks us to move forward, makes us worried or holds us back. I tell myself, let’s do it the other way, shall we? We know that future is something not happened yet and where our dream lies. So, I’d like to think that whatever situation we’re in or whenever it is, we are one step closer to our dream. We don’t think too many steps ahead, just one step then followed by another step and on and on, sounds easier right? Though, we may not always get what we want in the end, but we always get one thing, experience. And experience is priceless. 🙂

What do you think?

  • sin

    I do NOT think that experience is that priceless if you could have planned yourself better to get what you want, which is what I didn’t do well myself.
    But I DO agree that after planning adequately, experience is priceless even if the outcome is not good.

    Let me refer you to one of the habits by Stephen Covey: “Begin with the End in Mind” and a book by Phillip G. Clampitt with the title “Embracing Uncertainty”.
    You may also check my website (the other one) about self development :p . I wrote a thing or two about my opinions on these two books there.