On getting what we are thinking about

In other words, on making our dreams come true, or getting what we want, or the point is we want something to be happened like we wanted to be. We often think that “aw!, that’s too much for me”, or “well, sounds/looks difficult”, or “I’ll try it when I’m ready.” It happens to me most of the times, and I believe what happened to most of us too, we tend to slack off, put it off until the last minute, or get pumped in the beginning and nothing happens after that.

When this happens to me, for instance I want to be able to swim, instead of taking lessons or going for swimming with friends, I keep rejecting my friends when they ask me for swimming. The reasons were I can’t swim, what am I supposed to do when you’re swimming, and many more crap reasons (I can say those were really crap reasons ;)). Well, you may say that, swimming doesn’t count, it’s not serious, not some kind of life achievement or special dream everyone wanted.

I’ll say, everyone has his/her own dream, and no dream is not serious dream. Whether it’s just a mere able to swim or maybe accumulate wealth.

(Ooops.. I’m starting to wander off now, back to the topic)

So, how do we make our dreams come true?

There are many approaches though, especially when you read those self help books. One of my favorite ways which I read it from the Secret few years ago (and watched the movie recently) is thinking about it. I like to think about what I want – well I found this method quite suits me. After I think the general idea about what I want, I’ll start to add a little bit more details into it.

I enjoy every moment I think about it. It’s like I’m the director and I’m making my own movie. It’s quite hard at first, since my mind starts to wander off thinking about something else, off track you may say. I was frustrated easily when this happened :).

Until I knew meditation, I learned to keep focus to one point, and surprisingly, those “thinking” time becomes more enjoyable. I like to write down the idea, when it grows bigger and more details are added too.

After I finished “the script” the next thing to do is “filming” the whole script inside my head. Sometimes, I say “cut”, this is not right, I will adjust the script and rehearse it again. Until I satisfied with the general script, I’ll rehearse it inside my mind and try or apply it in my life in the same time. You know that the rehearsal can be different with the real play, so there are times too when I adjust my script after trying it on real life though that the script was satisfied me during the rehearsal. 🙂

Sounds complicated, hope not.

And, as the book points, the main thing is believing it. I believe in my script. I was many times disbelief about it, doubt myself whether this will work, but one thing which make me keep going on is, I know how I feel when I’m not doing it, I don’t feel good. I remember that feeling clearly, I don’t want to have regrets.

Some of my friends challenge me by questioning me like, how long do you want to take to make it come true. Oh yeah, this question is the killer question, which can turn off your fire. I don’t know the answer. Usually that is my answer. But, I ask myself again after that, whether I want to let someone destroy my dream? No way! Therefore, I try for one more time. And it always like that.

To conclude, I put some words by Edison on one of his interview,  “How does it feel to have failed seven hundred times?” and his answer was

“I have not failed seven hundred times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those seven hundred ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

I like the words on that website too, “Several thousand more of these successes followed, but Edison finally found the one that would work, and invented the electric light. Failure is an attitude, not an outcome.”

Hope that it can inspire you! Happy weekend!


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