Embracing new journey..


I’ve been doing this for how many times. Add this, remove that, edit this code, remark that code, change the link here and there. I always like to do same things in a different way.

Used to do it in my local hard drive until I really satisfied with the new look, then upload it to the Internet. But I guess, the condition is a bit different now. Singapore has a faster Internet connection compared to my own country Indonesia. Thus, doing a small renovation live is quite enjoyable somehow.

Talking about the title “Embracing new journey..” I mean it, really.

I’m staring at my scribble, my small notepad, few pages, hand written, mostly ideas, topics, that was in my head. I wrote them during my trip to office in a bus, or maybe while I was at work, or maybe before I went to bed.

Amazing.. Sometimes I’m amazed how my head can’t stop thinking, though that I desperately need a peace and quiet after whole hard work day in the office, yet the most busiest is my head. Sometimes, I was depressed because of me, and my whole thinking idea.

Anyway, I decided. I’ll try to compromise with it. I won’t shut it down like forcing it not to think at all, instead, I’ll write it down, then after the “thinking wave” subsides, I can read it again, maybe do a little contemplation, select some, and I’ll post here. What a way to become a writer of my own hey..

Talking about wanna-be-writer, I always and always like writing. Started when I was around 10 years old, maybe, I like to write my plan, then my “financial plan”. Oh come on, what kind a financial plan does a 10 year old kid has? Well that time, I calculate my pocket money, how much should I save from my daily pocket money so that by the end of the month I can buy thing that I like, which is comic. My parents disapproved us – my brother and I – to spend their money on comic books, which made me spend mine in the end. Then, when writing a diary was becoming trend for a girl on my age, I started to write one as well. I used to wrote about my friends, what happened during school, maybe somebody pissed me off or I made some silly mistakes that I was too embarrassing to admit.

Before blogging tools are easily accessible, I was writing mine in a static HTML document and I used free hosting to continue my so called writing habit. Maybe partly was because I was too scared if my parents found out about what I write (but I didn’t have thought that the whole world might discover your little secret, ha!)

The writing is become my hobby, well I guess I found it quite consoling to my problems. Though that it can’t give me solutions like when you’re discussing things with your friends or parents, but it helps me to control my emotion and bring me back to my common sense before I do something silly hehe..

And yes, marking my writing blog hobby, I’ll add an objective so that I will be more consistent in writing. (I haven’t give up the idea that one day I’ll become a writer, popular one too hehe..) This will come in stages, I told myself that it doesn’t to be perfect, just start doing it, and make it better and better along the way. Which I already did since last week.

I did some housekeeping on my blog category, I trimmed some of my categories to 3 basic groups, attitude, jokes and random. I’ll put good stuffs which I found quite motivating, or help me through difficult situation, or my personal experience which taught me something into attitude category. While jokes is quite clear, random is a category which I’ll put my memo, my blog note, or any thing which doesn’t fall to those.

I did sketch some interface design, how do I want my blog look like. Then I before going the real work, I did some research whether those kind of interface exists, and yes it does. Thank you so much for this beautiful template. So, I adjusted few more things to the template.

Right, two checked from my lists, looking good now.

Ah! About the writing itself, I used to worried about my grammatical errors, no idea or inspiration to write, well.. hmm.. nah! Nobody start from a perfect. It’s a journey! (I start to imagine hearing a wise old man’s voice with some American accent just like in a movie) Anyway, looking at the other side, I’m still practicing my English by writing, and now I have some “deposits” on what to write, which is my scribble. And if you have nothing to write, then why don’t just try to enjoy your peace and quiet time like you want to..


Oh, about my objective is, sharing good things happens in life – which can be inspired from others, self experienced, or many other things from our nature. The plan are, to write a post which I can finish within 30 minutes. That’s for start.

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    Keep Writing sist.. and hope your dream to be a writer become true 😀