my weekend – part 2/3

On Saturday,

Woke up at 9 a.m. boiled some water in the pot, I made myself a morning coffee. Hmm, it was a bright sunny Saturday morning, I had an idea!

I headed back to my room and the idea was changing my bed sheets. I took off the old and put the new one, ran the washing machines with all week  laundry. I grabbed the bread and sipped the coffee while waiting for the washing machine to finish.

However, I saw some dust on my desk previously. I decided to do some cleaning. There was a plenty of time to kill anyway. After I wiped my table and out of nowhere, I felt that I like to .. re-arrange my room, my table to put it more precise.

When the washing machine sang as a notification that it finished washing, I finished my room cleaning too. Quickly aired the laundry then took a shower just in time with my housemate came from her yoga class.. It was close to noon. We’re about to have lunch outside together.

I left the house earlier than them because I wanted to donate my blood which supposedly done few weeks ago. The nurse who attended me, quite surprised that my blood pressure was a bit low, but I explained that it happened also during the first time.

Waiting for my turn, I texted my housemates, told them that they could have lunch first since I might be late. They were just about to leave the house. So, I’m taking my time patiently waiting for my call.

The process was quite fast, but I spent some time waiting the nurse to attend my arm afterward. Finally, a nurse came, excitedly she told me that she’s going to use orange bandage to my arm, she even asked me whether orange is my favorite color. Well, I wore an orange t-shirt with an orange crocs that day 🙂 (yep my first croc, which I was hesitate to buy for quite long time because my friends keep telling me that the sandal is for kids, but I don’t give it a care anymore, it was comfy and cute 😉 )

I met them at the train station after I had my refreshment post donation. We went to look for sports shoes and tennis grip replacement, while I, was looking for a bargain converse shoes.

We had our lunch nearby the place we’re looking for the sports thingy. It was a hot sticky afternoon, though that the mall came to a rescue with cool air con.

They got what they wanted while I couldn’t find my converse.

We decided to go for a window shopping before we headed back home, and some dinner maybe on another mall. Spending some time in some shops, trying some clothes, looking for accessories, then I remembered that I need to buy some things to help me tidying up my desk. We headed to supermarket in that mall, brought our needs and headed back home.

It was 11 p.m.

And this wasn’t a typical weekend I had..

(to be continued..)