my weekend – part 1/3

On Friday,

My mobile phone was blinking. Someone’s calling me. I was at my office, doing some Flash animations for company greeting cards. I used to ignore my mobile phone during office hour since I worked here. It’s not because I want to impress my colleagues how hard working I am though.

Took a glance on my blinking mobile on my desk, the number looked quite long and came to my surprise, it had a very familiar prefix, my country. I paused for a while, tried to guess who was it, and decided to answer the call.

It was my cousin. She told me that her mother – my aunt – and her were in Singapore for a while, before tomorrow heading back to my hometown, and asked could we meet tonight.

I told them that I can make it, then remembered about my mobile phone battery – which can easily flat out when someone’s calling. I politely put the call off by telling them that I was in the middle of discussion, and told her that would call her later before end of office hour to decide where to meet.

I rejected another phone call from my mom but I got another call from a friend whom was waiting for his flight to Melbourne. Anyway, I was hoping that my battery can last at least until I met my relatives.

Make it short, it was quite an exciting Friday nite for me. I was arrived near their hotel after rushing from my office. It was almost cancelled out meeting but confirmed to be during the last minutes. Another surprise was, she called me, to go to other place where much closer to my office. She was waiting for me there, I didn’t know where was it, and my mobile died at last.

Luckily, came to my saviour, I met some friends on my way to the place, robbed his iPhone for a while and googled the restaurant name. And I made it!

I met them, chatted while I was eating my cheese naan. I forgot about my little adventure just now. I walked with them to their hotel then headed home close to midnight.

Usually, I can’t stay up quite late. Well, I was widely awake that night. I even still had energy to clean up the toilet – it was my roster this week. I finished everything and climbed up my bed at 1 a.m. in the morning..

Good night me..

It was a quite a day!

(to be continued…)