Addicted to Lao Tzu

A few weeks a go, accidentally, I saw a paragraph of Lao Tzu quotes from one of the software I used in my Mac. I googled it – I believe that google is a verb now – that day and I couldn’t find it. Well, maybe I just didn’t put the right words.

This Lao Tzu thingy leaded me to follow Lao Tzu twitter as well – even Lao Tzu has a tweet awesome hey?

Today, somehow my curiosity emerged out of nowhere and made me googled it again. Instead of searching the quote translation, I decided to start from his wiki page and, maybe, I can find some external links to find his works. But, it was negative. 🙁

But, somehow, I told myself, just give it a try for one more time.. with different keywords, so I put his other name form, Lao Tze instead of Lao Tzu.

And.. yippy!

I found it.

Here are the quote that inspire me since last week.

Practice no-action;
Attend to do-nothing;
Taste the flavorless,
Magnify the small,
Multiply the few,
Return love for hate.

Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy;
Deal with the great while it is yet small;

The difficult develops naturally from the easy,
And the great from the small;
So the sage, by dealing with the small,
Achieves the great.

Who finds it easy to promise finds it hard to be trusted;
Who takes things lightly finds things difficult;
The sage recognizes difficulty, and so has none.

The main reason why this quote attracted me was, I’m facing some dilemma at the moment and I found that this quote is somewhat calms me down. Hmm.. actually I can write this as my next topic maybe :p

Anyway, I hope that this share can inspire you too 🙂


Lao Tze – TaoDeJing