Trying to keep my feet on the ground


I know, it’s been a while I haven’t really writing my blog. I’m still adjusting my lifestyle after, officially, work. There are lots of things happened within last month. Maybe I can wrap up some points and share with you all.

First thing, is about my new workplace.
I work as web developer in a translation company. I only know about this line of industry after I join the company. I think, it’s not really popular thing in my country, but since there are different races and languages in Singapore, this line may be popular. 😉

Secondly, is about the working culture.
Officially, my office hour is between 9am till 6pm. I have 1 hour lunch break in between 12 to 2. It’s quite hard for me to adapt to the timings. As I used to work more freely, not really tight with schedule – though that it was quite stressful in the end because I feel that I can’t accomplish anything :p.

Thirdly, is about friends and activities.
I know quite number of new friends, whom I know from my friends. It’s fun to meet and know new people. Though it took me some efforts too to keep stay in touch with the people I already know. 🙂 But, it’s still fun. Sometimes, we went out together maybe just for simple dinner then headed back to our home, or playing sports together during weekends.

I’ll tell more about myself later..
and if I looked back, I passed my probation time (I think haha) anyway yay!
I’ve been here for 3 months 🙂