Are you the favorite person of anybody?

Recently a friend gave me this youtube link Are you the favourite person of anybody?

It’s a short movie yet has some meaning for me. He asked me what was on my thought after I watched this and who do I choose among the three people who were asked that question. You should know about the character I’m talking about after you watch it hehe.. 🙂

As usual, I’ll save my answer for later, and I’m going to share you a story which recently happened to me. A true story, not a simile one, like usually I like to use.

Recently I have some disagreements with a friend. I feel that this person is so not sensible and quite selfish as a friend, because he doesn’t really care or you may say not that considerate. I decided to take a break, well, you can say that I gave him one red card after two yellow warning cards. Well, it’s slightly similar to 2 bans for international game in soccer hehe :p Within this break period, I give myself a time to contemplate and somehow it brought me back to my university year.

I have very close friends during my university years back. We like to participated in lots of activities, like volunteering for events. The bottom line is they are my treasures. We laughed together, we cried, we fought each other yet we reconciled after some time. That’s my last time who really fought with others because of some disagreements. But, we always manage to make it up again, somehow. As I get older, and I think wiser (hopefully 😉 ), I fought less with people. What usually I do is hold it back then let it go after some time. I might  tell the other party about my thinking only when I feel that, I can really talk with this person. If I feel that the effort to tell the person is not worthwhile, I might just as well forget about it and expand my tolerance level when I deal with this person in the future. Up to this point, I only focuses on myself. I feel that it’s like a saying, “No hit no run”. I didn’t really make much effort yet expect the other party to be sensible or understand what am I thinking. We’re not psychic after all right? 😉

Okay, the reason that I told you about my university experiences is the secret of how we become good friends.

In fact there are two secrets. The first secret is after we fought, most of the time, simply we didn’t talk to each other. It’s completely ignoring the other party. We didn’t even try to greet, or talk even when we were going to the same class. We just let our anger subsided, which can be weeks or months 🙂 But, after all, we talked to each other in the end.

The thing that we are talked at that time is, what is the next thing that we’re going to do.

We didn’t really discuss about the past. Or why we fought, but we only know that, there is limit to certain thing on certain people. 🙂 We just learn it about our friends.

On the other hand, sometimes it might not work. Different type of person may react differently. So, what did I do when I had the disagreement with my other friend? This way is totally the opposite of the previous one. We talked and discussed face to face about my consideration or my thinking with the other party’s. And the discussions can be lasted for days, which basically we continued to the next days :p Maybe you think, as if our problem is so complicated as the politics hey? hehe :p

But, after the can-be long discussion, usually we come to certain level of understanding each other or tolerance. Therefore in the end, the result is still the same. We reconcile and our friend bond is getting stronger. I have to admit that after we graduated, we went to different ways, pursue different careers, have different lives and maybe find new circle of friends, but I feel and I’m sure that they also feel the same way about our friendship.

Anyway, personally, I tend and like to use the second way. I feel that this method is more direct in terms of conveying my mind. However, I later found our that not everyone like to hear it. As I grew older I tend to use the first method. Reality bites doesn’t it? I know it because when I discuss certain issues, their face shows some discomfort. 🙂

Okay, enough with beating around the bush, back to the topic.

What am I going to do this time? Well, as I gave the other party a red card for the mischief behavior which cause two days ban for international match with me, I will still go with the second method like I used to use. I’ll tell that I’ll still treat the other party as a friend. Anyhow, friend should be able to tell each other and to be sensible to each other because that will nourish and grow the friendship.Right? We can’t change others but we still can change the way we deal with it. 😉

So, would that by any chances, any of your friends will think that you’re their favorite person? If in that case, I have many favorite friends then 🙂

Now, comes to my answer. I told my friend that I didn’t have any particular in my mind after watching the clip, because I feel that the three characters are portraying some of the (probably most) common answer from a person. It’s normal. Between those three, I chose the girl. Why?  My reason is, I like the girl attitude when she’s certainly confident then change to slightly lower but she’s still quite confident that she’s someone favourite person, although I’m not the type of person who always think positive, but yeah, I do agree with the character and believe that I still someone favourite person, beside myself. 🙂

If you were reading some of the comments below the clips, you’ll see how interesting the answers from many people who watched the video too.

One more thing, if someone asked you that question today, then what would be your answer?