Uniquely (my first two nights in) Singapore #2

Saturday, January 31

Didik has something to do around 11, therefore I was waiting for Iwan to wake up so that I can move in to his place and waiting for another friend, Celia to come to Didik’s place. Both of them came as Didik left the house therefore I called Iwan asking him about the time. Therefore, Celia and Wira, her boyfriend were helping me moving from Didik’s to Iwan’s which is still around Bishan but different blocks.

After putting my stuffs, Iwan briefed me for awhile around the house, introduced me to his housemate Wary then we were having our lunch at Bishan North Market. Iwan’s has something to do around 2 pm so he left me with Celia and Wira. Yep! Wira is Celia boyfriend and Wary is Iwan’s housemate. The funny thing is when they were introducing themselves into each other haha 😉

I was told to buy Saturday Strait Times, since quite a lot of job postings. It was quite thick for a dollar paper 😛

Finished our lunch, I told Celia that I need to find walking slippers, since the slipper that I bought is not really comfortable and we’re definitely going to walk a lot here. We’re visiting junction 8 just close to Bishan MRT station and went to Royal Sporting House (it’s like Sports Station in my country). Without further ado :p I changed into new slipper.

Celia suggested that we took bus to Orchard, so that I have some views of Singapore instead of using MRT which is through underground though it’s much faster 😀
On the way to Orchard, Didik told us that he finished his stuffs and wanted to meet with us. So, we met at Takasimaya Orchard.

Basically, we were hanging out on a Gloria Jeans since Didik wanted to have some coffees.

That night, Didik has bowling practice for next Saturday competition. He suggested us to come along. So, four of us were playing bowling at Kallang that night. Didik introduced us to his church friends which were much older than we are, only their children whom were younger :p

I was arriving back at home, finally, close to 11. Iwan offered me to set up my laptop the wireless network key so that I can go online for the next day and so.

Second day … completed 🙂