Just to be..

Be Well
Be Happy
Be Safe
Be Willing
Be Able
Be Loved
Be Wild
Be Helpful
Be Yourself
and through it all, just remember to JUST TO BE

Those words were on my farewell card from one of my best friends Maree from Australia.

I met her for the first time from Monash International Student Friendship Program. The Monash staff, Renee, matched us up because we live on the same road differs by blocks. She told us that ours is the best match she ever had.

Due to my school schedule and her work, we seldom met during weekdays, but occasionally we tried to meet during weekends, either Friday night pub, Saturday brunch or lazy Starbucks on Sunday. We told each other story, what she had during that week at her work or what I experiences I through at campus.

Knowing her made me easier to blend into Australia culture and for her, I guess, she knows more about Asian, especially Indonesia. To me, she’s well exposed to Asian culture, since she was in China for English teaching for sometimes. I went in to the bar for the first time with her. Well, to be honest, I’m a bit scared to enter the bar, especially when you’re not used to it, and moreover it’s on new “country”. Although I admit that I always curious to enter. :p

I had OZ style brunch with her and her housemate Steve for the first time too. Though that it’s merely toast, sunny side up egg, spinach and orange juice – compared to my usual breakkie (that’s how OZ people called breakfast) toast with nutella and either milk or soya milk or Milo – I felt somehow being part of the place.
Steve and her were surprised that I have toast with nutella. 😛 They say it’s very unusual. Maybe to combine sweet and toast is unusual for them 😀

Maree’s moving to different places after I know her. But her places were always around the same street, she’s just moving blocks hehe.. Just the night before I left, I spend times at Maree’s place. That’s her third place. We were talking and before I went back to my place, we hugged and said goodbye.

Currently Maree is back to China to continue teaching English. She loves it. While I’m in Singapore now. She always encourages me to have my own adventure. So, some time when I was a little bit down, I remembered her and her words on that card.

Wish to see you again, my sis