For just one more time

In one cloudy foggy morning in Singapore,
I woke up after rolling myself over,
took my gear from my drawer,
strangely, I felt my muscle was fine no sore

Morning chit chat with my fellow housemates,
they go for a morning shower one by one,
they need to go to work,
it’s another day to go

I bid goodbye to them,
press the lift down button,
reach the first floor,
and I pause for a while

Shaking my head,
to get rid of my other thoughts,
and decided to take a walk,
towards my usual place

Setting up the iPod stopwatch,
and I run,
one lap after another,
sometimes, watching how long have I run

After few laps,
many minutes,
lots of sweats,
(almost) run out of breadth..

My mind asked a question,
can we just stop after this lap finished?
let’s do it for one more time
and it goes till 5 laps

When I was enjoying my breakfast,
my mind asked a question,
what should we do after this?
let’s enjoy the breakfast for one more time

When I was watching TV,
my hand was busy to change the channels,
what should we watch during the commercial?
let’s enjoy the moment for one more time without doing something else

When I was worried about the working permit,
what should I do?
should I just wait?
let’s wait for one more time

Looking back,
there are lots of worries,
which we think, we should get it done as soon as possible
and because we are human beings with multi tasking abilities
we often forget to live in present moment
our minds is either keep moving forward, worrying about the future
or keep visiting backward, regreting about the past

I think,
I should be trying for one more time
to live in present moment
to enjoy the atmosphere
to feel the suffers
to rejoice the happiness
to acknowledge
to forgive
to let go

The author heard about the title for the first time from Ajahn Brahm dhamma talk. When he talks about how many times people should try to forgive or to keep on trying and he answers those questions with, just one more time.
This writing is inspired by Ajahn Brahm talks, Venerable Dhammananda articles and Buddha teachings.