If people said that a mile journey starts with small single step, I guess, I did some of my early small steps.

I obtained my Employment Pass today.

Within the last 24 hours, I was rushed here and there.

Here’s some yesterday’s flash back….

Yesterday, I was planning to go to Funan Digital Life mall, to check about my laptop. It was broken since two months ago. It was repaired and broken afterwards. However the last one, really beyond my ability. Anyway, I had my lunch then I decided to visit the clinic I had my medical check up two days ago, to see whether I can collect the result since the nurse told me in the morning that it might be finished after lunch. She told me that I can collect it after 230pm waiting the doctor to sign the result.
I was wondering, will I be able to finish all my errands by today?
I still need to collect one page of document in my office-soon-to-be too.
Well, instead of wondering and worrying, I guess, I decided to tackle it one by one. Focusing on the next task which was going to my office.
My HR had left me the document in the recepsionist. I met her and she was kind explaining to me what should I do. And told me that there isn’t enough time for me to go to Ministry of Manpower (MoM) before 4pm. It was 330pm. The queuing ticket machine is closed on 4pm every weekdays.
So, I decided to continue my original plan, to go to Funan Digital Life mall. To find some information about servicing my laptop and surveying about laptop price. 🙂
I was meeting out with my high school girl friends, Wiwin and Cecil, at Orchard. We basically just went out together to have dinner, then chatted about our recent routine.
Afterwards, we went to Clarke Quay, just strolling down. They brought me there because I mentioned that I never been there since I came. And I heard that CQ area was beautiful, full of cafes and so.
I captured some pictures (I’ll upload it later 🙂 ) using my mobile (darn! I should bring my camera :p )
And we went home at 11 from nearest MRT station.

Today’s stories…
I woke up at 530 am in the morning. I was scared that I might be late arriving in the MoM office. They only half day open, and my friends told me that usually, there’ll be lots of people. 😛
I reached there 815 am, and got my E049 ticket, for collecting new EP.
I was waiting around 40 mins then got called, submit my documents (was a huge relief because the officer didn’t ask me to provide the original copies of my education certificate – though that I brought the original scan in my USB drive)
The officer explained that I need to return around 1050 am and collect my pass on counter 38/39 and before that I need to get another H ticket from the queue ticket machine.
I was exploring the shopping nearby – People’s Park Complex.
But I was slightly drowsy after a walk. I guess, I just lack of sleep – I was sleeping quite late around 1am due to checking and preparing my documents for the next day. So I decided to return to their building and waited inside.
An hour later…
I felt that my body responds strangely, felt like I was going to fall sick. There’s still some time before 1050. I thought, I’ll have some foods at People’s Park nearby.
Ah, I also recalled that it was the place I was staying few years ago with friends on a trip after we graduated.
I had sticky rice and an egg tart and went back after finished my food – collecting my ticket and went up to the designated counter.
What surprise me was, I was asked to pay $90. I was lucky always to bring extra money with me. 🙂

So after everythings done, I decided to go home straight, and take a short nap.
(Though that I was overjoyed telling all my housemates about my EP before taking a nap 😀 )