Celebrating my brother success

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This morning I received a very good news from a friend in Surabaya, my home town. My brother was in a front page of national newspaper, Jawa Pos, for his book. I just barely spoke to him the day before, well, I called my parents since somehow both of them texted me so I decided to give them a call too.

Speaking about my brother, his name is Yongkie. He just 2 years younger than me, was born in years of rat. Since we were kids, he shows great talent in drawing, especially during free theme drawing class. He has great imagination about things, not particularly robots like other boys, but towards martial arts or whatever cartoons we watched that time, name them TMNT, Police Academy and many more. I was amazed with his talent, I believe he can be fan fiction writer too, since he elaborated the story based on the character he watched.

On totally the opposite with me, he is a very socialable and not really technical person. If I were into science class, he chose social class. I like math and he’s not so into math, he likes history and I’m not so into history.

During our university years, I went to information technology course and he went to visual communication design.

In my memory, I only know him as a laid back person, but also so hardworking when he done something. He likes to play games, especially Samkok, as he really likes Chinese history. I also recognized him as very good gamer, since he almost can finish the game that initially I bought-played and stuck :p

I didn’t really close to him after I graduated and work, since I was drowned myself into my work. Therefore I didn’t know him very well while he was in final year of study. I wasn’t be able to attend his graduation ceremony either since I was at Jakarta at that time, for a English preparation intensive class – part of my pre-departure training program before I left to Australia on a ADS scholarship.

The next time I met him was while I was in Australia. I invited him to attend my graduation ceremony in Melbourne. Now if I recalled it, he’s been attending my graduation twice and yet I didn’t attend his. :p

Since we’re living in the same room while in Melbourne, I feel that we have been very different person from what we know.

However, this seems to be the chance for us, to know more about each other. We may have gone to different ways, have different beliefs, have different preference for foods, but I still love him as my little brother, there are still certain ways in him which hasn’t changed from what I remembered.

Anyhow, I’m very happy for him as his hard work finally paid off, his book is published, he teach in my university too for his speciality, illustrations. I admit that when I was so stress till I decided to leave my place, he was a consolation for me. His nature made me feels more relax and more being me.

Well, that’s my brother. I believe that my parents are proud for him too.

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It’s too bad that the Jawa Pos doesn’t have the permalink for the article. It seems that they changed the PDF of the news each days and not archieved too. I’m hoping they’ll soon fix this as well 🙂

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