A day to enjoy

plus a bonus ride

I woke up quite late today, around 9 am. Yesterday, I came home around 130 am in the morning which I believe broke my all the time record from Indonesia-Melbourne-Singapore. I never came home that late early in the morning. I’m not a night person and yet not so morning person either. Well, I consider myself as average person. 🙂

Honestly, I like to sleep very much. Talking about sleeping, I can sleep everywhere.. During trips, in cars, during the day even when the cars are moving :p. My friends are sometimes vexed with my sleeping habit :p

Talking about the reason I came home that early yesterday-this morning, was I was playing cards with friends, Saboteur. The game was going rounds and the later it was, the trickier and more tense 😀

However, Cecil and I decided to end the game, since it was 1130 pm and we’re still long way to go. We decided to travel by MRT from Bishan to City Hall then we would go on separate way. We were a little bit gambling yesterday, whether there’ll still any train services that hour. After we hop on to the train, we heard some announcement that the train service we just boarded will be terminated at Toa Payoh. That station is still few more stations away from our destination. We were looking around us, there were still quite a lot of people in the train, there should be okay.

Reaching Toa Payoh, we searched for ways to get us home. Toa Payoh is a bus interchange, we quickly searched the bus route, and found our buses route. One to Cecil’s place, Tampines, and one to mine, Commonwealth. Both of us saw that the last bus departure time would be 1200 am in the morning which was that time. Therefore, we decided to go our separate way and chased our buses.

Once I hop into the bus, confirmed with the driver about my destination, I decided to tell Cecil if I were okay. I found out later that I didn’t has her number, I gave Didik a call asked him to tell her about me. Later on, Cecil texted me asking about me and telling me that she’s fine too.

During the ride, I opened the streetdirectory guide book which Iwan lend it to me and examine the route. It moves to area in Singapore which I haven’t explored yet. Wow! It’s a bonus for me. Though initially I was thinking to reach home quickly and want to sleep soon. 😉

It was quite a long ride, took me about an hour to reach home. It was 130 am in the morning. I’m pretty sure that ever since I came here, my body clock is slightly changing, from a morning person clock to night time person clock. 😀

Anyway, I decided to learn to enjoy it, as I decided to slack off today.. zzzz 🙂