Me and myself

A glimpse of time in the morning with myself.

Why are you keep pushing me to somewhere else?

  • No, I don’t

Then, why you don’t want to be there anymore – where you have friends and family?

  • I just don’t want to be troublesome for them, just it

FYI, you’re not troublesome to your family and friends. Well, maybe sometimes, but it’s not bothering them.

  • Yeah rite

No no no, it’s true.
Don’t you think you shut them down from your life too soon?

  • No I don’t! .. Do I?

Yeah you do!

  • NO!

If it’s a no, why you keep pushing people around you away?

  • I don’t push them away, to let you know
  • I just, .. just want to have my own life
  • I just want to be more independent, .. and mature
  • I just don’t like the feeling to be controlled and told what to do
  • I feel that I have rights to have fun in my life, don’t I?

Did you tell them that you want your life like that?

  • No

Why don’t you tell them?

  • My parents? Yeah right.. (smirk)

What’s that smirk?

  • Nothing

Come one, have you ever try it?

  • Nope, I don’t think I will ever give it a try

Why not? Everyone deserves a chance, doesn’t it?

  • True though


  • I just.. feel.. uncomfortable to tell them about it

Uh huh?

  • Because, I got the feelings that.. they will .. not agree with what I thought, .. they may think that I’m not, you know, (no) not being a good child

May? What make you think that they will think like that towards you?

  • I don’t know.. Just my hunch

And, you trust your hunch?

  • Well, sorta


  • Well, look..

Don’t “look” to yourself okay

  • Okay okay..
  • I.. I guess, I should give it a try, and .. and see it how after that

Sounds like a plan

  • Yeah

But what? You sounds not sure about it

  • No, just don’t know the outcome yet

It’sss normal stupid, to worry about something that has not happened
Why don’t you just relax and let things flow

  • Yeah, I miss that feelings too

Yeah, future is full of uncertainty, all we can do in the present is creating possibility to make it happened.
Anyway, why you have a thought that you’ll be a burden for people around you?

  • It’s because.. I don’t like to wait for others, especially who slow me down, so, in the same way, I don’t feel the like that I’m slowing down others

Such as?

  • Well.. people are already have something they need to do, their own business, so, to cut in in their time is one example. Another one will be having someone spends their time to accompany you to finish your own problem.

Spending times to accompany you to solve your problem? Man! People should help each other don’t they? It’s quite normal, gosh!

  • Yeah, but why they complaint or scold you after that? It’s better to be teased, it’ll make you feel that you’re having fun rather than doing something bad.

Who scold you?

  • You know..

Don’t you feel that it’s quite normal for parents to worry about their children?

  • Yeah, but that method will not work for me

Tell them!!!

  • They think that I’m lecturing them

No way, if you did it in good way

  • Do you think so?

Anyway, have you ever try it?

  • Try several, in the past ..


  • It didn’t work

How about trying it again now?

  • I don’t know, I’m not sure

People change you know

  • I know

Even in trials, the prosecutors and the lawyer has to argue, give their best effort first, then let the judge decide, hasn’t it?

  • Yes

So, if you haven’t give the lawyers inside of you a chance, how the judge make a decision based on the prosecutors statement?

  • You have a point there

Of course I’m making a point here. Yes, this is the first step to give the lawyers some time to think and gathers the information which needs to be passed on. You need to spend time with yourself, so that you know what you want. Then tell them what you want. Isn’t it simple? Instead of throwing your tantrum like a child.

  • Yes

So, gentlemen have we have an agreement here?

  • Yes


  • Yes

Okay, the court is dismissed until further notice.

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