Addicted to swimming

These days I spent quite some time for swimming. No particular reason besides to keep healthy. I used to go to spinning class while I was in Melbourne studying. However, gym membership fee is quite expensive in my hometown, not within fair comparison with the salary.

Anyway, I’m not a swimmer back then. I learn swimming while I was in Melbourne too. It was during summer early 2008. Summer in Melbourne is hotter than summer in my country, moreover it’s drier since the hot winds blew from dessert and less high trees since Melbourne has water restriction too. So, summer time are the best time to swim and to play tennis.

Thanks to Thomas, he was my swimming teacher. Practically he shares his tips how to swim. He told me not to rush myself, to master this and that technique. I should learn and find my own style – he told me to feel it, rather than think about it.

At first, I didn’t get it and I still thinking about it. The more I think, the more I panic and the more screwed I was. But, one thing which made me keep trying was I like the feeling to move inside the water. Therefore, I tried and tried to feel it.

After sometimes, I began to be able to do breast stroke and I still in the slow lane.  Oh, FYI in Melbourne, pools are divided into slow, medium, and fast lane and sometimes aqua play for children plays. Unlike Indonesia, where you can bump into someone since you can swim criss-cross :D.

Later on, I was able to swim alone since sometimes Thomas was busy with his part time job. I didn’t have guts to do it until he told me that my swimming was getting better and better.

Now, I enjoy swimming very much. I’m surprised too about this, I didn’t expect that something I couldn’t do in the past time is becoming something that I like very much now. 😉

When I was looking back this experience, I realise something. That how we can change. We can hate someone so much in the past, but who knows that someone may be someone important to us in the future. Or maybe, someone who love or like so much now, may turn out to be our best friend. Who knows? I don’t like swimming since I can’t swim. I realize that I also tend to hate something not because I don’t like to do it, but because I wasn’t have the ability to do it. 🙂

I know, that this time the title is not really reflecting what I’m going to say unlike previous posts.  It was deliberate :p Anyway, what I want to say is, we are changing and most of the time, we don’t realise it. Until we think back about it, read our past writings or see our pictures. Sometimes we may argue about something which we thought we remember it clearly but it was wrong. How futile it is, isn’t it?

But I guess, living in the past is not good either, right?

  • I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?

  • Thanks Jane 🙂
    No, it’s not copyright-ed, I just write this for fun 🙂