未来(みらい) the Japanese word for future, the post title

Recently, I read one of the Ajahn Brahm writings in his book, Opening the Door for Your Heart, which discusses about fear. He opens the topic with this sentence,

Fear is finding fault with the future.

If only we could keep in mind how uncertain our future is, then we would never try to predict what could go wrong.

Fear ends right there.

I’m pretty sure some of us will think very hard when going out from the comfort zone. Thinking what should we do next, where are we going to, or planning our steps so we won’t mess up on what we do next. Sometimes thinking about whether we made the right decision over a right consideration.

That.. is may be or not be true. Depends on each individuals, and since I wrote this, which means it happened to me haha..

There are a lot of things which we don’t know. Let’s suppose that I like a guy. Usually, I will think does he feel the same thing to me, or does he like when I’m around. If it’s mathematical problem, then we can solve it when we find the equations and apply the right laws, maybe. I used to think, why people make it difficult by pretending or ignoring the people they like. Won’t it be much easier if you tell the person, and after that if the other side told that they dislike you, so be it. 😀 Sometimes I even imagine, people are holding boards to express their feeling if they can’t talk to people about it.. (Inspired by Saotome Genma from Ranma ½).

The same thing with other things, why it is so difficult to get something. We still need to walk or even run to reach one place, we still need to prepare well on our exams and many more.


If that’s happen, life will lose it’s attraction won’t it? We will not struggle to obtain something, or to reach our dream. We will live as it is, no challenge or something that spices up our life. 面白いね! Interesting isn’t it?

Ajahn Brahm shares his experience about his worries when he was about to go to the dentist. He was worrying sick about the appointment yet in the end, the appointment was re-scheduled. He told another story to illustrate, about Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. He can’t put this because of copyright so I will get to the point, sometimes our worries can be turned to what we didn’t think before.

Maybe we scared that we might be failed our exams though we studied very hard and did very well, but how about that we scored well and pass with flying colors?

The same thing previously about the guy that I like, I may think to give him up because I think that he might not like me or at  least I don’t see the “sign”. But, who knows that maybe he likes me and he’s not showing it..

It’s not being pessimistic yet being too optimistic about something in the future. All we can do, is doing our best. If in Christianity, my friends like to tell me that, “Do our best, let’s God do the rest”. I believe that too. All I need to do is doing something that I’m able to do and let the rest takes turn, if something were meant for me, I believe, eventually I will get it, maybe, someday.. hahaha.. Moreover, let’s enjoying to live in present times rather than worrying the not-yet-happened-future or regretting the happened-unchangeable-past.

So, I’m scared too about my future. But, it’s tiring our mind out to think about many possibility which can take place, isn’t it? Won’t it be better to believe that something interesting will eventually turns up, when we expect it the least? Doesn’t it more interesting? What do you think? 😉

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitata 🙂 Have a nice Monday!