Gong xi fa cai




新年快樂- shin nien kuai le
恭喜發財- gong xi fa chai
萬事如意- wan shi ru e
新春愉快- shin chun yu kuai
年年有魚- nien nien yo yu

Today is new year celebration according to lunar calendar. My friend from China call it Lunar New Year,  but people in my country (Indonesia) call it Chinese New Year. The reason is it’s associated with Chinese people in Indonesia since long time ago, so we’re kind of used to hear it.

Like in many other places, the new year celebration is filled with family gathering, either eats together or just enjoy time together. Children are pay respect to the elders, then they received 红包, or red packet or red envelope. There are many other ways to celebrate it, depends on the country and the ethnic (More Info)

However, celebration is big cities is somewhat different compared to smaller cities. Or, at least, it has changed from time to time. When I was a kid, we used to visit my uncles and aunties house, to pay them a visit to elder generation is a must since both my mom and my dad are almost the youngest child in their big family. Now, my family only celebrates it with our own, my mom and my dad siblings are celebrated with their family as well, since most of them have became grandparents. They celebrated with their children and grandchildren. We just give them a call or text messages. :p

It’s bit unusual for me though. I can understand to avoid the house cleaning fuss but somehow, it’s a bit quiet. 🙂 Anyway, I guess it’s more important to feel the spirit and the atmosphere. I try not to analyze things like I used to, give myself a break in this new year.

It’s a tradition in m family to eat misua in the morning, its soup contains mushrooms, kincam (kinds of vegetable, I tried to find the English word for it but I haven’t found it 🙁 ) with some oyster sauce. Usually it contains chicken as in the stock too, but my mom is vegetarian so, we only used mushroom stock and vegetarian oyster sauce.

So, once again I wish everyone happy lunar new year!! Happy moo moo as my friend said, since this year is an ox year.