Do your job with all your heart or do not

If you were asked, which one do you choose do your work as it is, or do it whole-heartedly. Let’s say, that your working hour is from 8-5, will you or will you not work overtime if you still have some works to do?
This is the question that floating in my mind recently. Well, it’s quite obvious that when you’re into something 24 hours seems not enough, isn’t?

Okay let’s begin the story with what happens in my work place.
It’s a private institute which specialized in engineering field. I don’t know whether it’s typical of “geek” or what, not only the students but also the lecturers seem having difficulties to work in team. What makes working together as a team more difficult is the stubbornness, and unwilling to negotiate or open to other possibility. That’s classic.
Recently, I was working on few events simultaneously. Like the old saying, preparation requires all the hard work rather than the real event takes place. So, I did all my best so that the event can go well.

It was quite hard for me to work alone, that’s for sure, and I have few friends to help out.

Then as it was closer to the date, the tension was higher and higher. Some were easily criticized, it should be this or could’ve been better if… Those people are the bosses. I know they care about the events, but instead of lend a helping hand (it doesn’t really need to be real hand, I know that some high position people prefer not to do some physical job anymore) they only criticized.

Anyway, in my point of view, I accepted their “suggestions” and see whether it can be done.

After the events, one of my colleague asked me why am I working so hard for the event?
Then I started to ask myself too. Why am I doing it so hard, while most of my colleagues are doing it just as it is. If I was working on the details, a little bit perfectionist too maybe, they weren’t, or maybe in my point of view :p

Anyway, I decided to stick to my view, that I’ll do my job with all my heart. Though I need to realize that not everyone will do the same thing like me nor will have the same speed as me.