Work harassment! I’m striking a complaint. Haha 😀

I was snowed by quite a lot of work since my second week settlement which is two months ago. My peace and relax live was robbed by the harshness of working life. I’m not trying to exaggerate my situation.

At first, I was quite happy since I didn’t have much things to do, although with a little bit of confusion.
I had left my work place for one-and-a-half year to finish my master degree. I left my position, assigned all my previous duty to successors, studied whole-heartedly (some time to play around of course 😉 ) and returned to the same place, without a post.

It took me the whole first month to adapt to the new staffs appointed by my boss.
So, what I did were a little helping hand here and there.

Oh! Forgot to tell you.
Freshly graduated with computer science (minor) thesis made me a little bit proud of myself; (cross that sentence before) with mountains of pride, I told myself to pursue it. Although I know that it’s not really popular in students nor my campus nor my country.
I was insisting to remain within IT Faculty – Computer Science Department. Although, my boss initial offer was assigning me to Information System Department. I just said no! and I want to re-live my computer science world. Therefore, he gave up and he put me back.

Recently, I was asking myself whether that decision was right, and finally I found the answer.

Before explaining my answer, I want to tell some of my experience listening to Ajahn Brahm’s talk.
Once (and many times) he told the audience in his talks about it’s not the thing which is the problem. It’s a matter of how we look at things.
There isn’t any problems in your life, because we are the problems. How we look at them.

Now, in relation to my “pride” problem,
1. It is (very) true that pride may lead us to problems in our life. It’s just temporary satisfaction. 😉
2. Life will have it’s own way to show us the beauty of living. And through it, we can learn a lot.
3. I’m in that department now, so it’s up to me how I see things. If I see it as a problem, then I’ll get a problem. If I take it as it is, then I’ll make friends with it and it will never be seen as a problem anymore.
PS: Ajahn Brahm once quoted Harold MacMillan, British Prime Minister during the Six Day War 1967 when he was asked how to solve the problems in Middle-East. He answered that it wasn’t a problem at all. The reporter was angry at him and disbelieving questioned him again how come there wasn’t any problems. Mr MacMillan answered, it’s not a problem since it didn’t have any solutions.
So, in relation to my situation, is there any problems in it? 😉

Note: I know I quoted Ajahn Brahm a lot. I learn a lot of things from him. By listening to his podcast, and reading his books. Moreover, he teach the common sense to solve things.

Lastly, I decided to give my best shot to fully live in the present time, because I can’t have it for the second time. I can’t change whatever happen in the past yet I can’t predict the future.

So, just be in present time. 🙂